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  • Good-Bye, Sheena

    Good-Bye, Sheena

    Sheena! You and I had our differences, but you know I love you, girl. So sad to watch you leave America’s Next Top Model. The cards were stacked against her from the start, when the girls had to pose in the windows of prostitution houses. […]

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  • You’re Only an Asian in Your Mind

    You’re Only an Asian in Your Mind

    Sheena let me down this week on America’s Next Top Model. After the models ganged up on Elina and Marjorie — two girls who moved to the States as children from France and Ukraine, respectively — Sheena was featured as the main instigator of anti-Europeanism […]

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  • My New Best Pedicurist

    My New Best Pedicurist

    So much Asian American drama on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF: Onch hyped up his drama queen bit in his most pleadingly desperate cry for attention when he refused to ride any roller coasters, dry heaving into garbage cans, begging for Paris’s mercy on his […]

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  • Cultural Dunce?

    Cultural Dunce?

    Not the strongest week for our reality friends. On Top Design, Wisit was voted off after showing his same old painted designs and feminine colors, the latter being especially problematic since his client requested a masculine room. Those missteps plus the fabric messily thrown over […]

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  • Asian American Dolls?

    Asian American Dolls?

    Congratulations to Troy Dolendo and the rest of Mosaic for winning MTV’s Top Pop Group. The show came to a strangely abrupt end just three weeks after its premiere, cutting its six remaining groups down to one. Ju-Taun was the other group in the top […]

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  • Tastelessly Ambiguous

    Tastelessly Ambiguous

    After weeks of being shown as a weak contestant, Shazia finally got cut from Top Design. Throughout the episode she bickered with teammates, one of whom dubbed her “Needy von McNeederson” for her argumentative attempts to get attention for her (ultimately destructive) design ideas. There […]

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  • Confident, Tropical Rococo

    Confident, Tropical Rococo

    Oh, Wisit. Not your best week on Top Design. Could you have said “rococo” any more—or been more wrong in using it? We sympathize that Jeffrey Sebelia is just as difficult as on Project Runway; still, he wanted “sleek and modern,” and you were hung […]

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  • ‘I’m Not, Like, Racist’

    ‘I’m Not, Like, Racist’

    On the new show MTV’s Top Pop Group — a carbon copy of America’s Best Dance Crew where groups of attractive young people dance and sing — Korean American sister group Jazmin was sent to the bottom by the judges but avoided elimination. Despite the […]

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  • We Ain’t Ready for This Yellow Fever

    We Ain’t Ready for This Yellow Fever

    Is anyone else loving America’s Next Top Model’s Sheena? I’d been holding my breath, with memories of Cycle 6’s Gina, Tyra in a kimono and Sheena’s online interview where she assures us she’s “a little bit more edgier” swirling in my worried head. Color me […]

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  • What We’re Watching This Fall

    What We’re Watching This Fall

    Dust off your remote and fire up the Tivo — new TV is finally back! Here’s a look at some of the Asians who will be gracing (or disgracing) reality TV this season. Margaret Cho, The Cho Show: Love her or loathe her, the pioneer […]

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