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  • MalaysiaAirline

    Malaysia MH370 And Misfortune Updates

      Malaysia MH370 And Misfortune Updates Other links about MH370: Mirror Live Blog, CNN Live Blog Wikipedia Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, aviationist Here are entries in a live blog format for updates, along with other completely unrelated incidents we should know about AsianWeek MH370 Timeline 4/10/2014 Now CNN is quoting  unnamed […]

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  • Black Islamist Separatist flag seized after train station attack

    Uyghur Jihad For Freedom Or China’s 9/11?

    3/8/2014 update: The latest possible attack on Chinese is the missing Malaysia Airlines 777, which evidently”vanished” but more likely blew up or flew into the water like the Egyptian flight where wreckage was spotted  just south of Vietnam. Investigation is now centering on two who […]

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  • Fortune Cookie Wikipedia

    Misfortune Cookies 2013

              Here is a list of some of the major events of terror and mayhem with Asian American connections in 2013, plus a few y0u may not heard of in previous years. It used to be there would be only 1 […]

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  • images

    Headlines Bring Halloween Terror Every Day?

        (updated 11/31) There was a novel series and a movie called “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It was inspired by all of the headlines of terrible things happening to people for random reasons, author Daniel Handler thought it would be make […]

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  • Boonmlee Lee, 21, one of two men facing multiple charges in the shooting of five people at a traditional Hmong New Year's festival in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday Oct. 12, 2013.

    Festival Shooters Were Hmong With LA Gang Ties

    Hmong Shooters had gang ties A judge has set november hearings for Boonmlee Lee and Meng Lee. It is now known the two shooters as well as the shoot-ees were all ethnic Hmong. Boonmlee is believed to be connected to the Menace of Destruction gang in […]

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  • lake_tianchi_monster

    Chinese Lake Monster And Other Baffling Mysteries

    Chinese Loch Ness Monster Epoch Times reports this month that a worker took an awful picture of China’s Loch Ness monster in volcanic Tianchi lake. He was  reportedly at the volcano monitoring station at  Changbai Mountain to take measurements of the lake’s water temperature and retrieve gas samples […]

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  • Nhan Lap Tran

    Nhan Lap Tran Mass Random Shooter Kills Boy in Twin Cities

      This morning, America woke up to headlines that the rogue ex-cop manifesto-posting Chris Dorner was cornered in cabin in California after killing another police officer. But I also saw national headlines (at least on the FOX report I saw) mentioned that a 9 year […]

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  • Alan Lanza

    The Sandy Hook Newtown Shootings And Terrorism

        At least the latest mass shooting that seemed to been performed as methodically as a terrorist operation did not involve an Asian shooter. Adam Lanza has already been compared to the Virginia Tech shooter  Seung-Hui Cho. Like Cho, he was said to have trouble […]

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  • Ki-Suk Han

    What We Never Knew About The Man Pushed Into The Subway Train

    Headline You’ll Never See: Korean Man Pushed To His Death by An Af***** American Man The Trayvon Martin case was all about race, but this is the first I’ve heard about  the race of either the pusher or the pushee. Hat tip to Larry Shingawa’s […]

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  • Steven and Susan Powell

    Alina Powell Shows Home Video of Presumed Murdered Susan Powell

    [Demons and Saints: Murder of Susan Cox Powell Family] I’ve created a book-on-a-blog website on the Susan Powell case here at the link above. It has the most detailed biographies and timelines of events that I’ve seen, and the closest thing to a comprehensive reference […]

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