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  • 2011 Award Plaque

    Bay Area Educators Honored at AHSC

    The public is invited to come celebrate six Bay Area educators who have been selected as finalists in the Asian Heritage Street Celebration School Awards for their commitment to the future generation of Asian Pacific Americans. A ceremony recognizing all of the Asian American nominees […]

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  • SchoolRaffle

    Raffle Program a Ticket to More School Funds

    With the goal of teaching children philanthropy at an early age, the Asian Heritage Street Celebration has created the “Make Some Money for Your School” Raffle Program. The AHSC provides prizes and administrative support for students and school groups selling raffle tickets, and Louie and […]

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  • classroom-mandarin

    The Case for Confucius Classrooms

    In the spring of 2010, the Hacienda La Puente School District (HLPUSD) Board voted to cooperate with China’s Hanban on a program called the Confucius Classrooms to be implemented at Cedarlane Middle School. People who opposed this decision started a controversy that spread across national […]

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  • schoolhouse

    Transitional Kindergarten Gives Kids a Leg Up

    By Vivian Po, New America Media LOS ANGELES – Ethan Wong, who turned five last November, was experiencing a hard time transitioning from pre-school to kindergarten, mainly because of his young age and delayed speech. But after transferring to the pilot Transition Kindergarten program at […]

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  • Gateway High School freshman Venita Guang-Chan Tam in class.

    Gateway Public Schools are Guiding San Francisco Children to Academic Excellence

    With public school applications due February 18, many San Francisco parents are scrambling to complete their school selection forms. When Liana Szeto, founding and current principal at Alice Fong Yu Alternative Elementary School went through the enrollment process for her own two children, she remembers […]

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  • Gloria Lee, one of the founding parents of Yu Ming Charter School. Photo by Mike Solidum.

    First Mandarin Immersion Public Charter School Opening in East Bay

    Yu Ming Charter School, the East Bay’s first Mandarin immersion public charter school, is now holding information sessions and accepting applications for fall 2011 enrollment of kindergartners and first graders. Located in Alameda County and open to all California residents, Yu Ming fills a huge […]

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  • NAEP City 2009

    AiYah! Asian Kids Scored 2nd Place on NAEP Science!!?

    I say the NAEP does provide some interesting information, but the real progressives out there need to be able to recognize how much harm and damage can be caused by crazy standards like this just as Amy Chua realized only too late the cost of getting her girls to where she thought they should go.

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  • Yale professor and author Amy Chua

    The Cost of Tiger Parenting in Shanghai

    I may have been among the first to publically complain about the “Give Me Harvard or Give Me Death” Asian Success Uber Alles ethic years before Amy Chua, or Eric Liang’s youtube classic. Any time you see really high test cores like those coming out […]

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  • Arlene Ackerman

    Philadelphia Settles Anti-Asian Pogram in Schools

    Wikipedia describes the Russian word “pogrom” as a form of “violent riot, a mob attack, either approved or condoned by government or military authorities, directed against a particular group, whether ethnic, religious, or other”. Education Week reports “The courage of Asian students to describe the […]

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  • Shanghai Pudong

    Shanghai Owns the International PISA Science Math Test

    Shanghai’s 15-year-olds topped those in every other jurisdiction in all three subjects,” he wrote on Flypaper, the Fordham Institute’s blog. “The 2009 testing cycle marked the first time that youngsters in China-proper participated. To be sure, it was only Shanghai, the country’s flagship city in so many ways, a single megalopolis on which Beijing has lavished much investment and attention, many favorable policies, and even (for China) a relatively high degree of freedom.

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