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  • Water Water Everywhere, but Nebraskashima is A-OK

    Water Water Everywhere, but Nebraskashima is A-OK

    The media blackout is finally kaput. Tuesday was the day that Ft Calhoun finally made the evening news and not just local TV, conspiracy or leftnut websites or NHK that were already giving Ft Calhoun equal billing with Fukushima as the Next Great Thing That […]

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  • Nebraskashima After the Hefty Bag AquaBerm Busted

    Nebraskashima After the Hefty Bag AquaBerm Busted

    [Nuclear Crisis | Previous ] “Working at a Nuclear Power Plant” parody Like it was a good idea to make a water berm out of a giant Hefty garbage bag. You’re protecting a nuclear plant with WHAT??? Crusty the Clown just might sell such a […]

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  • TEPCO Crashed Hover Drone

    Fukushima Fuku-Ups Continue

    Robot fail, HoverDrone Fail, Water Decon Fail   I feel like I’m watching a bad Thunderbirds episode, except those Americans were able to fix anything in 60 minutes after 2 or 3 spectacular explosions and/or fires / crashes. DRONE CRASHES INTO RUINED REACTOR!!! ROBOT STUMBLES!! […]

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  • Gundersen and Kaku beat Beck on Fukushima

    Gundersen and Kaku beat Beck on Fukushima

    [Fukushima Crisis] The big problem I have with the nuclear crisis is that because of undeclared media blackout on Fukushima, we have a choice between the brain-dead “everything is under control” camp and the possbily worse “scare everybody into Revolution For Palestine” conspiracy theorists. Arnie Gundersen […]

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  • Unit 3 Crane Under Roof 3d

    Fukushima Nuclear Wreckage Horror in 3D

    [Hu’s on First | Nuclear Crisis] Another great Asian Week exclusive, never seen before 3D effect photos of Fukushima. As as kid I loved to look at 3D pictures, and people have remarked how nice it would be if they had 3D video or pictures. […]

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  • Israel Iran

    Fukushima: It’s About Israel, Palestine and Iran

    [Hu’s On First | FukuCrisis Yup, the “Israel Did Fukushima” bandwagon is picking up. I found this youtube video showing up in blog comments: (Disclaimer, links here may be posted to EXPOSE, not promote controversial points of view) update 6/6/2011: Latest Israel did it video: […]

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  • IAEA Oooh Aaah Unit 3 (Tepco)

    Wreck of the Fukushima Cap Fitting Carousel

    Nearly Asian Week exclusive(Foust beat me!) : Sounds like a song title “Wreck of the Fukushima Cap Fitting Carousel” [ Hu’s On First | FukuNuke ] Ian Goddard sent this latest Tepco shot of IAEA inspectors taking a look at the “pentagon” Unit 3 damage, […]

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  • United Against Israel

    Israel Did Fukushima: The Real Conspiracy

    Israel Did Fukushima Who is Saying The Israelis Did It? [Hu’s On First Fukushima Crisis] Well I finally found a conspiracy theory that blames the “fake” earthquake and a nuclear attack on the Fukushima plant on the usual suspects, the Jews. My theory of conspiracy […]

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  • A is for Atom GE film

    1952 General Electric “A is For Atom” Calms Nuclear Fears

    The BBC film included some shots, but here is the complete 1952 film where General Electric staked its claim on the nuclear future with this promotional film to calm nuclear fears. GE manufactured the first unit 1 at Fukushima in the late 1960s and still […]

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  • leaf

    Fukushima Foilage: Don’t Eat The Dandelions

    [Hu’s on First | Fukushima Crisis] Here is a fun science trick you can do with some x-ray film, a dandelion, and the nuclear power plant that melted down in your backyard. This guy ex-skf translates from Japanese media and blogs : From the blog […]

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