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  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    California speakership battle divides APA Caucus: After a raucous month of Democratic assembly members jockeying for the powerful speaker position, Assemblywoman Karen Bass was sworn in as the first minority woman speaker on Feb. 28.

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  • Candidates: Where’s the API Recognition?

    Candidates: Where’s the API Recognition?

    Super Tuesday surprise: I blew it. I predicted Super Tuesday would determine our Democratic candidate for president, and I was wrong. Instead we are faced with a close contest between two electrifying, history-making candidates: Clinton versus Obama. I love it.

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  • Choosing Sides in the Democratic Presidential Race

    Choosing Sides in the Democratic Presidential Race

    On Feb. 5, California has a rare opportunity to play a significant role in the presidential primary races. Asian American and Pacific Islanders, the second largest ethnic community in California, will be courted like never before.

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  • Warren’s Big Win

    Warren’s Big Win

    Christmas Comes Early for Furutani: After losing his first bid for the 55th Assembly seat last year, Warren Furutani looks like he is headed to the Assembly on his second try, after defeating fellow Democrats Mervin Evans and Mike Gipson, city councilman from Carson, to […]

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  • Calif. G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks

    Calif. G.O.P.’s Dirty Tricks

    Asian Domestic Violence Spotlighted at the State Capitol: The Assembly Special Committee on Domestic Violence held an Oct. 2 hearing with Committee Chairwoman Fiona Ma, whose campaign against domestic violence began when she was a San Francisco County supervisor. Featured speakers included actress, author and […]

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  • Ted Lieu Calls for Order in the Courts

    Ted Lieu Calls for Order in the Courts

    Lieu prepares to take over leadership of the API Legislative Caucus: The usually mild-mannered moderate Assemblyman Ted Lieu garnered headlines recently by lashing out at the governor’s dismal record on appointing minorities and women to judgeships. What made an impact was that, instead of the […]

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  • Pelosi Leadership Makes a Difference

    Pelosi Leadership Makes a Difference

    Just as I predicted, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated her continuous commitment to the API community and issues during these first months of her leadership. One of her first staff promotions went to Carmela Clendening, a talented member of her congressional legislative […]

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  • Capitol Event for Norm

    Capitol Event for Norm

    The April 11 Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Legislative Institute dinner honoring Norman Mineta was a wonderful occasion to see some L.A. icons in Sacramento like Bill Watanabe, Kerry Doi, Ford Kuramoto,Warren Furutani and Kazue Shibata.

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  • March Madness

    March Madness

    Lesson Learned: It’s been a rough few weeks being affiliated with AsianWeek. My sentiments about this disastrous episode were eloquently reflected in previous columns by my distinguished colleagues, Phil Nash and Emil Guillermo. Many of us affiliated with the paper were embarrassed, besieged by e-mail […]

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  • Leland Wong: a Question of Fairness and Justice

    Leland Wong: a Question of Fairness and Justice

    On August 23, 2006, former Los Angeles City Commissioner Leland Wong entered a plea of “not guilty” to a 20-count indictment of “pay-to-play” allegations as a result of an intense investigation of former Mayor James Hahn’s administration.   After a lengthy media blitz targeting a […]

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