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  • Chinese Poise for Railroad Gold Spike in 2014

    Chinese Railroad Workers Finally Get Into The Picture

    Chinese Railroad Workers Finally Get Into The Picture I remember the great joke from the 80’s tour of “the Orient Express” when the fellow remembered when his teacher said that he’d like the part next week when he’d hear about how the Chinese built the […]

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  • SUV mother and child

    Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles

    Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles           Update: 10/7/2013 http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/undercover-lied-role-biker-beatdown-suv-driver-source-article-1.1479369 An undercover cop was the guy who broke his tailgate window: A damning new video contradicts an undercover NYPD detective’s story about his role in a motorcycle mob’s attack on a panicked driver, […]

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  • Aaron Alexis in Thailand UK channel 4

    The Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist

    Navy Shooter A Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist You get that same feeling when airplanes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon, or when an Korean went amok in Virginia Tech or when a Army psychiatrist suffers Sudden Jihad Syndrome at Fort Hood. Sure […]

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  • Election2

    Asians Voted Liberal, Only Whites, Men, Protestants, Israelis Favored Romney

    For more notes, see my blog version The UK’s Daily Mail  had the first good exit poll where I could map out how  the races lined up for and against Obama.  I computed the Obama/Romney vote ratio, and then compared ratios for each group by dividing […]

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  • South Park’s China Probrem / Pixar Still Spurns Asians

    South Park’s China Probrem / Pixar Still Spurns Asians

    [hu1stblog] South Park’s China Probrem (accent get it? probLem??)   When it comes to racial humour, my rule is that it had better be pretty damn funny, and South Park is usually pretty damn funny.  I missed watching the show from the start, but Cartman’s […]

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  • lawson-sakai-1

    Lawson Sakai to receive Congressional Gold Medal

    Lawson Sakai, a Nisei-American veteran who fought in World War II as a member of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, will receive his Congressional Gold Medal from the United States Congress on November 2nd at the Capitol in Washington DC. He is one of the Japanese […]

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  • days of rage

    Occupy Wall Street Fatwa Threatens Terror Against Ivy League Tech Workers

    [Hu’s on First] People say that the Occupy Wall Street folks don’t have a coherent message, but that’s because the “peaceful protests” are just as mask over what they really stand for. You have to research who is behind this movement and what else they […]

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  • Deflecting attacks from one group to The Chinese

    Stop Hating Muslims Because We’re Being Invaded By The Chinese

    [Hu’s on First ] Apologize or protect your favorite ethnic / religious group if you must, but please do not simply redirect hatred onto another group, as illustrated by the classic Glen Larson cartoon bears. Ok you Asian American folks, it’s time to stop pigpiling […]

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  • Arlene Ackerman

    Arlene “What Pogrom?” Ackermann Out, Chinese Navy No Threat

    Philidelphia’s Ackermann Gets $1M To Get Fired [Hu’s On First ] Last time you heard about Philadelphi’s Arlene Ackerman, their superintendent of color, I slammed her for trying blame the hapless Asian victims in the South Philadelphia high school riots. Now I can have the […]

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  • Robert and Kathy Wone

    Asians Will Never Know Who Murdered Robert Eric Wone

    [Hu’s on First | prev | Original Case Details from 2009 ] We’ll Never Know Who Killed Robert Wone … if we call this the end. The Washington Post released in its “local” section that the legal nightmare for the Swan St Trio may be […]

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