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  • Sewol Ferry Sinking with life raft

    MH370 And Sewol Misfortune Updates

    MH370 And Sewol Misfortune Updates   CNN interviews Captain of Oil Tanker First on Scene Korea’s Sewol ferry sinking with 302 souls dead or missing hit like a Sandy Hook or Columbine high school massacre at sea. Korea has never had a school disaster of […]

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  • MalaysiaAirline

    Malaysia MH370 And Misfortune Updates

      Malaysia MH370 And Misfortune Updates Other links about MH370: Mirror Live Blog, CNN Live Blog Wikipedia Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, aviationist Here are entries in a live blog format for updates, along with other completely unrelated incidents we should know about AsianWeek MH370 Timeline 4/10/2014 Now CNN is quoting  unnamed […]

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  • State Senator Leland Yee


       For Democrats, California is a toxic ethical environment with the legal troubles of State Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco and his LA County colleagues – Roderick Wright of Inglewood and Ron Calderon of Montebello. Republicans – thanks to the trio – could regain […]

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  • Malaysia Airlines 777

    Malaysia Missing Flight MH370 Timeline

    Malaysia Missing Flight MH370 Timeline Other links about MH370: Mirror Live Blog, CNN Live Blog Wikipedia Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, aviationist Previous: Malysian Triangle Mystery   Facts Three Americans were aboard, identified as Phillip Wood, 51, Nocolechd Meng, 4 and Yan Zhang, 2. 2 are evidently Asian […]

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  • Malaysia Airlines 777

    The Malaysian Triangle Airliner And Other Mysteries

    Wednesday 3/19 fox  The Malaysia Airlines flight that vanished nearly two weeks ago was already 12 minutes into its diverted course when the plane’s co-pilot calmly told air traffic controllers that things were “all right,” former FAA spokesman Scott Brenner said Tuesday on “The Kelly File.” Those […]

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  • Black Islamist Separatist flag seized after train station attack

    Uyghur Jihad For Freedom Or China’s 9/11?

    3/8/2014 update: The latest possible attack on Chinese is the missing Malaysia Airlines 777, which evidently”vanished” but more likely blew up or flew into the water like the Egyptian flight where wreckage was spotted  just south of Vietnam. Investigation is now centering on two who […]

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  • SF Democratic Party Chair Mary Jung (center) with Recording Party Secretary Kat Anderson (left) and former Party Secretary Leslie Katz (right)


      The San Francisco Democratic Party’s governing arm last week decisively rejected a proposal that would have stripped-power from Asian Pacific American (APA) Chair Mary Jung, Treasurer Tom Hsieh from influencing the Party’s highly coveted endorsement mailer sent to 242,000 Democratic voters making up 56% of SF voters. Hene Kelly, a retired […]

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  • Allen Okamoto


      BLAME GAME: Silicon Valley and San Francisco “historian” Rebecca Solnit is one of the first to use the Google Bus as the symbol of the “techno riche” ruining San Francisco’s affordability, triggering gentrification and Ellis Act evictions. In her Dec. 31 interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, she says “The […]

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  • Fortune Cookie Wikipedia

    Misfortune Cookies 2013

              Here is a list of some of the major events of terror and mayhem with Asian American connections in 2013, plus a few y0u may not heard of in previous years. It used to be there would be only 1 […]

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  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO Executive Director Gregory Cendana and Rep. Judy Chu.

    AAPIs Abstain from Food to Push for Immigration Reform

      WASHINGTON–Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) fasters, including leaders from two prominent Korean American organizations, spoke on Tuesday about the message they want to send to elected officials: Our communities want humane and inclusive immigration reform now. AAPIs are engaged in a daily fast […]

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