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  • Boonmlee Lee, 21, one of two men facing multiple charges in the shooting of five people at a traditional Hmong New Year's festival in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday Oct. 12, 2013.

    Mao’s Holocaust Deniers

    Mao’s Holocaust Deniers First we had the National Socialism apologists who denied that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis during the WWII “holocuast”. Now the New York Times tells us that leaders in China are alarmed that “historical nihilism” is an ideological threat […]

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  • SUV mother and child

    Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles

    Asian Family Runs From Motorcycles           Update: 10/7/2013 http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/undercover-lied-role-biker-beatdown-suv-driver-source-article-1.1479369 An undercover cop was the guy who broke his tailgate window: A damning new video contradicts an undercover NYPD detective’s story about his role in a motorcycle mob’s attack on a panicked driver, […]

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  • Aaron Alexis in Thailand UK channel 4

    The Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist

    Navy Shooter A Black Thai Speaking Asiaphile Buddhist Terrorist You get that same feeling when airplanes hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon, or when an Korean went amok in Virginia Tech or when a Army psychiatrist suffers Sudden Jihad Syndrome at Fort Hood. Sure […]

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  • bostoncrowd

    Asians Remember 9/11 NYC, Pentagon and Benghazi

          As America stands at the brink of bombing the daylights out of Syria’s chemical arsenal, what  have we learned about terrorism in the past year? Fort Hood Back in 2009 I wrote that Major Nidal Hasan’s martyrdom operation smelled a lot like […]

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  • lake_tianchi_monster

    Chinese Lake Monster And Other Baffling Mysteries

    Chinese Loch Ness Monster Epoch Times reports this month that a worker took an awful picture of China’s Loch Ness monster in volcanic Tianchi lake. He was  reportedly at the volcano monitoring station at  Changbai Mountain to take measurements of the lake’s water temperature and retrieve gas samples […]

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  • Dodge truck and Subaru CrossTrek in bridge disaster

    No Asians Harmed at Skagit River Bridge Disaster or in Burning Taxi

    [Hu's On First] Well I’ve seen the Great Blizzard of  1978, toured the 1989 San Francisco and Santa Cruz earthquake, the great Oakland Hills fire, and now I took my sons to see the great I5 Skagit  River Bridge collapse in Washington, a bridge we […]

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  • Moore Tornado Boy

    Our Tornado Kid and UC Fullerton’s Angry Asian Guy

    Moore Tornado Boy By now everybody has seen the devastation of the tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma which blew down a school that was made not out of straw or sticks but bricks. The census for that town shows it’s 79% white  5% black, 9% hispanic 5% […]

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  • Egypt Finds Coptic Christians To Blame for Deadly Sectarian Violence

    Egypt Finds Coptic Christians To Blame for Deadly Sectarian Violence

    Highlights Coptic Christians: Bad Christians, Bad Bad! Egypt gets F-16s, Philippines begs for first jet since 1970 Obama promotes new democratic Egyptian government Innocence Video and Copts Super Typhoon, Super Bad Ming Na Wen movie Benghazi again Check out Michelle Malkin on Fox Bomb attacks, […]

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  • nurses_limo_fire

    Limo Fire That Kills Philipines-bound Bride is Latest Unfortunate Event

    You probably saw it on national headlines, on May 5,  bride Neriza Fojas died in a horrific fire with four of her nurse friends on their way to a party across the San-Mateo-Hayward Bridge in California while three of her friends and the driver who helped […]

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  • yellowmandown

    KAOS Theory: Is All Terrorism Connected?

      There is an interesting article by the Jewish Policy Center that proposes the idea all terrorist incidents are linked. I’d take it a bit farther, and say we need to think beyond whether something is  just Islamic terrorism, Christian, Nazi, Facist, Sri-Lanka, Basque, Irish, or […]

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