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  • Fortune Cookie Wikipedia

    Misfortune Cookies 2013

              Here is a list of some of the major events of terror and mayhem with Asian American connections in 2013, plus a few y0u may not heard of in previous years. It used to be there would be only 1 […]

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  • NAEP results science education resource center Carelton College

    NAEP Progress Report Surprise

    The Usual and Not So Usual NAEP Progress Report The Washington Post celebrated the tremendous growth of test scores in Washington D.C.  on the  2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, which is the national test that is supposed to track the progress of students of various […]

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  • images

    Headlines Bring Halloween Terror Every Day?

        (updated 11/31) There was a novel series and a movie called “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It was inspired by all of the headlines of terrible things happening to people for random reasons, author Daniel Handler thought it would be make […]

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  • Harold and Kumar

    Asian English Teachers Need Not Apply in China

    Here’s another one for the Weird Stuff Asians Do File, as in Asians Who Don’t Hire Asians. I’ve not heard of the preference for Whites (and in a pinch, Black) as english teachers in Japan. The MSNBC says that ads in China blatantly ask for […]

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  • Asian Values - Encounter With Diversity


    [Hu’s On First ] I wrote this as the result of a research project I did for the progressive Asian American Resource Workshop in Boston (headed by Peter Kiang, now professor at U Mass) with a couple of other members who helped with the research. […]

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  • Noodles on a Train

    Noodles On A Train = Chinese National Outrage

    It’s not Snakes on a Plane but Noodles on a Train that has gone viral in China though it’s been mostly ignored in the US/West   Round 1, Hong Kong subway riders are horrified when some hapless mainland China hillbillies have nerve to give their […]

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