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    Q&A: After N. Korean Test, Should South Korea Go Nuclear?

      BY New America Media‘s Peter Schurmann Editdor’s Note: Soon after North Korea conducted its third and to date most powerful test of a nuclear device on Feb. 12, calls emerged in South Korea pushing for the country to develop its own nuclear deterrent. As the country prepares for […]

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  • Psy in Gangnam Style

    Gangnam Style Video Upends Crossover Success Myths

    Anthropologists and linguists no doubt are having a field day trying to chronicle and dissect how, in the early autumn of 2012, “Gangnam Style” became an American idiomatic expression. It stands for something along the lines of a brash, flamboyant way of doing things, clownishness, […]

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  • No on A

    No On Proposition A – Keep The City Green and our Green Jobs

    A 2009 California League of Conservation Voters poll documented what we’ve always known growing up in Asian families: Asians and Pacific Islanders are natural environmentalists. We care about preserving resources and the environment for our families and for future generations. In fact, 96% of Chinese […]

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  • Jeremy Lin

    Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow?

    Interview after Interview, New York Knick’s Jeremy Lin attributed his recent success to Christianity—his faith—and to Jesus Christ, the savior of his faith. Jeremy Lin is a devout Christian.  We get it. But we might not get the ramifications of his recent success. For instance, […]

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  • Student Sleeping 2

    It’s a Hard Knock Life for Asian American Students

    It’s that time of year again and no I am not referring to the winter holidays. If you attend a high school or a university you can already guess what I am actually referring to—the dreaded semester finals. It is that pesky, unavoidable week or […]

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  • Chris Cunnie

    Why I am Voting for Chris Cunnie for San Francisco Sheriff on November 8

    Public safety elections are often a debate between “the law enforcement candidate” and “the rehabilitation candidate” and we rarely have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who represents the best of both. The election for San Francisco Sheriff is an exception. Chris Cunnie is […]

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    In case you missed it: 2011 Kollaboration San Francisco

    It has been over a week since Asian and Pacific Islander (API) presented the 2nd Annual Kollaboration SF at Zellerbach Hall: University of California, Berkeley but this AsianWeek reporter is still looking at the footage she recorded as well as the full performances on the […]

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  • John and Bart

    Through John we remember

    I was in the fifth grade when the horrific events of 9/11 occurred. I remember the shocked expressions of my classmates and family members as I gathered at school and at home to watch the replay of that day. It used to be just a […]

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    Rosslyn, VA – Three Medal of Honor recipients, six cadets representing armed forces academies, four flag rank officers and six World War II veterans were recognized in a special Japanese American Veterans Association luncheon in the packed private room at the China Garden Restaurant in […]

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  • WWII Ground Combat Infantrymen Eligible for Bronze Star Medal

    WWII Ground Combat Infantrymen Eligible for Bronze Star Medal

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Infantrymen who served in ground combat during World War II between December 7, 1941 and September 2, 1945, are eligible to apply for a Bronze Star Medal (BSM), according to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command. Approval is virtually guaranteed for those […]

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