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  • traffic

    Telltale Signs: 12 Million Metro Manila Commuters Stuck in Gridlock Hell

      For much of the last month, my Facebook friends in Metro Manila have been posting comments lamenting their helplessness at being condemned to spend a great portion of what is left of their productive lives stuck in hours of traffic with no hope in sight. […]

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  • TPS

    Telltale Signs: Why TPS Matters Even Now

      They are often referred to, half-jokingly, as TNTs, the Tagalog acronym for Tago ng Tago (hiding and hiding) or Takot na Takot (very afraid). But it is no laughing matter to be a Filipino out of lawful immigration status in the US, constantly hiding from immigration authorities and […]

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  • Yee

    Telltale Signs: Sen. Leland Yee and the Politics of Pay to Play

        No group was more shell shocked than the Bay Area Filipino community by the news last week that State Sen. Leland Yee was arrested by the FBI on seven federal felony charges related to public corruption and gun trafficking charges. It was not […]

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  • Rodelcolumn

    Telltale Signs: A Conversation With Chinese Friends About Aquino and China

      SAN FRANCISCO – I had lunch last week with two long time Chinese friends I first met when we visited China together in 1998. While in Beijing then, I introduced them to my childhood friends in Manila who had been living and working in […]

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  • FredCordova


        The First Global Filipino Networking Convention, held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center on August 31- Sept.1, 2002, drew 4,000 delegates and featured as keynote speakers Senate President Franklin Drilon, US Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi, Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Alex Esclamado of the […]

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  • morro_bay_plaque_(2)

    Telltale Signs: Filipinos Discovered California?

          On September 25, 2009, the state of California officially declared October as “Filipino American History Month” to honor the first Filipinos to set foot in California 426 years ago this week. Starting in January of 2014, thanks to a law authored by […]

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  • Lloyd LaCuesta and his wife, Mona Lisa Yuchengco.

    Telltale Signs: Scapegoating a Filipino American TV Producer

        SAN FRANCISCO – Few Filipino Americans, or Asian Americans for that matter, are as highly regarded in the field of television journalism as Lloyd LaCuesta, who retired last year after working at KTVU for 35 years. Lloyd, currently a journalism professor at San […]

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  • fil_am_citizenship-th_(2)

    Were Filipinos “Aliens” in the United States?

        The last time I spoke with Joe Alfafara was at the funeral of the mother of his life partner, Anita. I had known Joe for more than 20 years but that lunch conversation, which turned out to be our last, was our most […]

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  • Menchu Sanchez

    Telltale Signs: “Why are there so many Filipino nurses in the US?”

           This was the question posed to me by a curious TV news reporter on May 7, just three days after a stretch limousine, carrying nine Filipino nurses to a bridal party across the San Mateo Bridge, suddenly burst into flames killing five of […]

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  • rescue_film

    Telltale Signs: Philippines – a Jewish refuge from the Holocaust

          The world knows about Austrian industrialist Oskar Schindler and how he saved 1,100 Polish Jews during WWII by hiring them as workers in his factory because of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List which received the 1993 Oscar for Best Picture. This month, the […]

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