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  • Herbst Theater Group Photo in Lobby #3


    WINTER  WONDERLAND OF EVENTS On the Scene  February 1, 2016          by Gerrye Wong Grant Avenue Follies dancers capture spotlight at  the God Bless America VI show. GOD BLESS AMERICA VI  welcomed a packed audience to San Francisco’s newly renovated Herbst Theatre in a tribute to […]

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  • Asians Gone Amok in 2015

    Asians Gone Amok in 2015

    Used to be that Asians rarely made the headlines with mass shootings like Virginia Tech massacre or the Binghamton immigration center shooting. In 2015, terrorist and counter-terrorist attacks by police, Muslims, fired television reporters, neo-confederates, cop and abortion haters have made the big headlines. But if you scoop up all the mayhem committed by Asians domestic and international, Asians have racked up more than their fair share of causing fear and terror if not publicity.

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  • Californians visit Bryce Canyon National Park


    ON THE SCENE OCTOBER 10, 2015 By Gerrye Wong FALL FUN IS HERE   Seeing magnificent fall colors of bright yellow on the road up to Zion and Bryce National Parks were Foster City visitors Mel and Jeanie Lee, George and Frances Pon, and Victor […]

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  • Thirty  Happy Chi Am Circle recipients of 2015 scholarship grants totaling over $80,000.

    Celebrating the Stages of Life

        CHI AM CIRCLE once again made 30 young high school seniors very happy when they were awarded the club’s annual scholarship grants at a dinner recently at the China Stix Restaurant in Santa Clara.  As always, proprietor Frank Chang opened up his large […]

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  • Buck Gee, center, welcomes Angel Island Honorees at recent Gala Dinner event.


      Exciting news was announced at the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) Annual Benefit Dinner to “OPEN THE DOORS” , the start of a campaign to create THE ANGEL ISLAND STATE PARK PACIFIC COAST IMMIGRATION CENTER. As Board President Buck Gee announced to the […]

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  • California golfers Deanna Hom, Marie & Ray Lu, Herb Hom and Calvin Wong brave winds at Makai Golf Course.

    On the Scene: Heaven in Hawaii

      Although we have had mainly dry weather in California, the temps are cold, the winds chilling. So what better escape than to go to the island of Kauai, often called the most exotic of all the Hawaiian Islands. Met up with an old friend, […]

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  • Dr. Rolland and Kathy Lowe are congratulated by Calvin and Gerrye Wong

    August Social Notes

        The Easy Bay’s Asian Health Services recently dedicated its new clinic named the Dr. Rolland and Katheryn Lowe Medical Center. Dr. Rolland Lowe and Mrs. Kathryn Lowe are long-time community activists and philanthropists. Their many awards and honors include receiving the Chancellor’s Award […]

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  • TPS

    Telltale Signs: Why TPS Matters Even Now

      They are often referred to, half-jokingly, as TNTs, the Tagalog acronym for Tago ng Tago (hiding and hiding) or Takot na Takot (very afraid). But it is no laughing matter to be a Filipino out of lawful immigration status in the US, constantly hiding from immigration authorities and […]

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  • California visitors  Garrett Wong, Melissa and Justin Matsuura are shown Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel’s rooftop garden by Hotel Associate Maude.

    On the Scene: O Canada Land of Wonderful Sights

        For our annual family vacation this year, time restraints prevented us from going to Europe to celebrate two grandchildren-graduates ready to embark on college careers. We found the best alternative was to fly to Canada’s very European cities, Montreal and Quebec. All too […]

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  • Moanalani Jeffrey catches Samantha Seto with siblings setting up sales of Chinese goods for the San Francisco Symphony Gift Shop at  San Francisco’s Davies Hall.

    On the Scene: Making News

      Viewing Vu The beautiful face of Thuy Vu has graced Bay Area television screens since the 1990s when her first job was as a reporter and fill-in anchor for KPIX. She joined ABC7 in 2000 to co-anchor the ABC7 Sunday Morning News, and also was a reporter based in South Bay Bureau.  An Emmy […]

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