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  • Tennis champ Hsieh Su-Wei

    The Buzz

          Sweet Victory for Two Fisters: July 6, 2013 will go down in history for this year’s women tennis champs! Congratulations to both Hsieh Su-Wei and her partner Peng Shuai who brought home the trophy by winning this year’s Women’s Doubles Championship at […]

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  • sig-fionama

    Frances Young Targets Special Crimes

        As the world becomes more transparent thanks to the Internet and technology, I have come to better appreciate the brilliance of our forefathers  in creating a government of checks and balances. As a legislator, I’ve focused a lot of my elected career to […]

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  • James Hong was a VIP guest at the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainmen

    The Buzz: June 12

        Hot or Not?  Happy Early Birthday to the talented Vera Mindy Chokalingam aka Mindy Kaling who is the creator, writer, director and star of the Mindy Project. She admits she likes to cast hot guys so she can make out with them. Brilliant… […]

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  • Jenny and Julia

    BFF: Jenny and Julia of Retrofit Republic

        One of my favorite “chick flick” movies is Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, a 1997 comedy  film starring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino where two 28-year-old women roommates and best friends attend their 10 year high school reunion and invent fake careers to impress their former classmates.   Fast forward to […]

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  • Rush Hour

    The Buzz: Rush Hour 4?

        Rush Hour 4?  What’s up with Jackie Chan?  It’s been awhile since he made his first U.S. film debut in  “Rush Hour” (1998) featuring the real (undubbed) Jackie Chan speaking English. And fans may see the dynamic duo of Chan and Chris Tucker reunited once again soon.  I just got […]

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  • Martin Kim

    Martin E. Kim: Ushering in Ryu-Mania

        For the past 10 years, I’ve been deleting messages with the subject line “Reminder about your invitation from…” but Martin Kim, a marketing strategy, strategic planning, and social media marketing expert got me to succumb to LinkedIn.   Kim who is fluent in English, Korean […]

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  • Lisa Ling and husband Dr. Paul Song. Photo courtesy of

    The Buzz: Women Power

        Women Power: Last week, March 8th was International Women’s Day where we celebrate the advancements and reflect on the disturbing truths that still face women all over the world today.  To further level the playing field in Hollywood where only 9% of the top […]

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  • Dr. John Maa

    One Surgeon’s Battles Against Big Tobacco and Our Ballot Box

        When Dr. John Maa went to bed on June 4, 2012, he thought he was finishing the last leg of the most important journey of his life.  Years of preparation, millions of dollars, and months of grueling campaigning had led Dr. Maa to the […]

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  • Jeremy Lin at the Warriors Asian Heritage Night on Feb. 12. Photo by Henry Kee.

    The Buzz: Linsanity Returns to The Bay

      Expats Unite:  Having lived in New York and San Francisco, I concede that Shanghai is the perfect combination of those two cities! So it’s no surprise it was standing room only at the SF premiere of the film “Shanghai Calling” on Feb 6th in the […]

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  • Hannah Song

    Hannah Song: Pursuing Humanity for North Koreans

        The Kim Family lived like animals. Heather lived in constant hunger. Shin was born in a political prison camp and watched his mother and brother executed before his eyes.  This family and thousands of others are suffering and Hannah Song is stepping up […]

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