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  • Borax II Meltdown Explosion

    Borax II: 1954 American Mini-Chernobyl Meltdown And Explosion

    [Fukushima Nuclear Crisis|Simplyinfo] Here’s a nuclear meltdown I’ll bet you never heard of. Atomic Arnie mentioned on Infowars the Borax experiments which was a DELIBERATE nuclear meltdown and prompt-critical explosion. Yes that’s what is was. Man they did some crazy stuff in the 50s, like […]

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  • Karen Mok 2009

    Video: Karen Mok Covers Karen Carpenter’s Close to You

    [Hu’s On First Blog] Music Video: (hat tip to Larry Shingawa) Karen Mok (Wikipedia, open source) Chinese name 莫文蔚 Pinyin Mò Wénwèi (Mandarin) Jyutping mok6 man4 wai3 (Cantonese) Birth name Karen Joy Morris Origin Hong Kong Born (1970-06-02) 2 June 1970 (age 41) Hong Kong Occupation […]

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  • David Wong Electric Violin

    Ain’t No Sunshine- Violin and Vocal David Wong

    For all you Tiger parents, here’s a different take on Asian American achievement on the violin. Still, I notice that when you take African Americans and add classical instruments you get … Jazz, an usually when you add Asians you get .. classical music. This […]

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  • John O'Neill

    John P. O’Neill: The Man Who Knew Al Queda Did It

    [Hu’s on First| Fort Hood and Anwar al-Awlaki] Ancient proverb in American management say: ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. Frontline just rebroadcast a version John O’Neill’s story in PBS’s “Frontline” which first aired in October 2002. It is titled “The Man Who Knew”, meaning he […]

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  • ClaraC Camel Song Video with AznFnyGuy Ryan Higa

    ClaraC Camel Song Video with AznFnyGuy Ryan Higa

    [More on AZN YT stars] Fun concept against painting a big piece of butcher paper (how they did it is at end) with funny guy uberstar (as in top 10 paid youtube artists) Ryan Higa AZN Youtube starts ranked by views as I find them […]

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  • YouTube Sensations

    United for Japan Concert Youtube “AZN Woodstock” Promo Video

    [Hu’s on First ] Community Church of Seattle (Hyung Jae Church) has released a promotional video and more details of the upcoming “Youtube Woodstock” unprecedented gathering of “predominantly” Asian and other popular Youtube artists UNITED FOR JAPAN CONCERT a benefit concert for Japan disaster relief […]

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  • tangled poster

    Disney’s Tangled Inspires Asian American tributes

    This year, instead of complaining about how Pixar either forgot to cast, or neglected the only Asian they DID cast, I noticed how Asians got into Disney’s new Tangled animated movie, a sort of Rapunzel Meets Spiderman where the girl has hair with magic powers, […]

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  • Asian Americans do Rebecca Black Friday, NOT the worst song ever

    Asian Americans do Rebecca Black Friday, NOT the worst song ever

    Chords, backstory arnd more on the AnyIndex: Why is it when somebody does something right, the claws come out? An african immigrant who gives up a career in medicine to do fun videos for kids with affluent parents and write g-rated songs parents can […]

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  • Video of Tsunami Crashing into Nuclear Plant

    Video of Tsunami Crashing into Nuclear Plant

    CNN showed a video released by TEPCO of the waves crashing against the nuclear power plant at Fukushima. The waves were measured at 15 meters or 45 feet BUT you can see in the picture the waves crashing against the turbine building rising up to […]

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  • holynight

    Oh Holy Night And Other Asian Christmas YouTube Vids

    2 million hits on his channel, here is another talented Asian Am-er Canadian Youtube artist. He’s got other songs on his channel as well. From his youtube channel page: . Influences:CHAD ARTKINHometown:LaosCountry:Canada #55 – Most Subscribed (All Time) – Canada #15 – Most Subscribed (All […]

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