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  • Salvation Army of San Francisco honors Pius Lee with a plaque

    Reflections on the Last 50 Years of San Francisco Chinatown

    By Pius Lee, Chair, Chinatown Neighborhood Association My wife and I immigrated to San Francisco from Hong Kong under President Kennedy’s refugee program in 1963. Like many new immigrants we came here for freedom and for better opportunities but faced many problems upon our arrival to […]

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  • a_lam_ghosts500x279

    A Nostalgic America, Haunted By Ghosts

        Fei Xiaotong, a world-renowned Chinese anthropologist, visited America in the 1940′s and thought it was a country devoid of ghosts. Americans live in brightly lit cities, he noted. They illuminate all parts of a room. They believe in individual progress — not clanship, […]

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  • morro_bay_plaque_(2)

    Telltale Signs: Filipinos Discovered California?

          On September 25, 2009, the state of California officially declared October as “Filipino American History Month” to honor the first Filipinos to set foot in California 426 years ago this week. Starting in January of 2014, thanks to a law authored by […]

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  • Nichkhun

    Pan Asia: The Cultural Sphere Expands

      Nichkhun Horvejkul, 25, is a cultural phenomenon. Born and raised in Southern California, his high school friends told him that with his looks and winning smile, he should be a Korean pop star, never mind that his parents are immigrants from Thailand, and that […]

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  • gay marriage

    LGBT Rights Are AAPI Rights

          By Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) It is no secret that I am a strong supporter of equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.  Sometimes people ask me why.  I know that often there is a question behind the question:  […]

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  • satscores_500x279

    ‘Mandarin Returns Home’ — SAT Scores Climb for Asian Americans

      According to The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, there’s a disturbing trend in SAT scores in America. Since 2006, the score over all has fallen 20 points, dropping from 1518 to 1498 in 2012, six years later. White students’ average score has fallen by […]

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  • Nina Davuluri the first Indian American Miss America.

    Nina Davuluri is America’s Future

      Nina Davuluri is the first Indian American to hold the title of Miss America and it should be something for all Americans to celebrate. Her story, after all, is one of the more optimistic news about immigration in recent times. Alas, it’s a victory […]

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  • article-texting4n-1203

    “It Can Wait” No Texting While Driving Campaign Aims to Save Lives

          At some point after a car accident occurs, many will speculate whether the wreck could have been prevented.  Increasingly, the answer is yes.  Car wrecks caused by distracted driving—in particular, texting while driving—are on the rise.  These accidents, along with the resulting devastation, are […]

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  • Zhe "Zack" Zheng

    Remembering 9/11 – and Our Heroes

      Greetings America.  On September 11, 2001 there were many heroes that everyone remembers and honors, especially the 363 firefighters, police officers, and the other 38 first responders that perished when the South and North Towers of the World Trade Center fell.  Many others heroes that are […]

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  • Social Smoking

    Smokers Quit When They Realize Secondhand Smoke Kills Their Kids

        While on assignment in Vietnam a few years ago, I turned into a smoker, at least temporarily. I resisted at first, but my new acquaintances thought I was standoffish. My interviews didn’t work very well. So I gave in. I took cigarettes offered […]

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