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  • oakland shooting

    Another Angry Korean Shooter at Oikos University

    [Hu1st Blog] update 4/3-10PM Han (cultural) I heard KIRO-FM Ron & Don show in Seattle (yeah, two white guys) notice that this college and VTech were both Koreans and one guy mentioned he heard about this value in Korean from Wikipedia that guys had this […]

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  • Amy Chua and Children (WSJ)

    Extreme Asian Parent: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

    I think Asian Americans can ultimately thank Amy Chua for bringing the nightmare of "Crazy Asian Mother sees B+" out of the shadows of the ethnic inside Youtube joke and "Sorry I can't, my parents are Asian" facebook group into a feature-length book

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  • stanford

    Crazy Asian American Dad: College Admissions

    Here’s my 2010 update on the Crazy Asian American dad schtick, based on the classic Crazy Asian Mother by Erick Liang which is up to nearly 6 million views on Youtube. Even my African American minister preached about Asian parents pushing their kids too far. Now I’d never […]

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  • IB International Baccalaureate: High Standards or Anti-American Standards?

    IB International Baccalaureate: High Standards or Anti-American Standards?

    Many of you who are Asian Parents raising “trophy kids” are aware of International Baccalaureate, and how many colleges will give you a year of credit or a leg up in admissions as an alternative to AP Advanced Placement. I am friends of many parents […]

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  • Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    The 2010 SAT college entrance test results are in. Historically, back in the day when I went to MIT, the common wisdom was that Asians scored better in math, but were disadvantaged because of the verbal scores. The men outscored women in math, but women […]

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