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  • timss

    Asian Nations Do Well in TIMMS Math, But It’s not Because Asian Schools Are Better

    The results of those world comparison tests are out again, with some predictable results Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study: Progress in International Reading Literacy Study: AP: “Asia continues to dominate the top echelon of scores across subject fields. The tiny city-state of Singapore […]

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  • NAEP City 2009

    AiYah! Asian Kids Scored 2nd Place on NAEP Science!!?

    I say the NAEP does provide some interesting information, but the real progressives out there need to be able to recognize how much harm and damage can be caused by crazy standards like this just as Amy Chua realized only too late the cost of getting her girls to where she thought they should go.

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  • Yale professor and author Amy Chua

    The Cost of Tiger Parenting in Shanghai

    I may have been among the first to publically complain about the “Give Me Harvard or Give Me Death” Asian Success Uber Alles ethic years before Amy Chua, or Eric Liang’s youtube classic. Any time you see really high test cores like those coming out […]

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  • Arlene Ackerman

    Philadelphia Settles Anti-Asian Pogram in Schools

    Wikipedia describes the Russian word “pogrom” as a form of “violent riot, a mob attack, either approved or condoned by government or military authorities, directed against a particular group, whether ethnic, religious, or other”. Education Week reports “The courage of Asian students to describe the […]

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  • Shanghai Pudong

    Shanghai Owns the International PISA Science Math Test

    Shanghai’s 15-year-olds topped those in every other jurisdiction in all three subjects,” he wrote on Flypaper, the Fordham Institute’s blog. “The 2009 testing cycle marked the first time that youngsters in China-proper participated. To be sure, it was only Shanghai, the country’s flagship city in so many ways, a single megalopolis on which Beijing has lavished much investment and attention, many favorable policies, and even (for China) a relatively high degree of freedom.

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  • Asian American National Seniors Top NAEP Math … AND Reading in 2010

    Asian American National Seniors Top NAEP Math … AND Reading in 2010

    what I find that they missed is that like on the SAT, Asian verbal skills have risen. Not only are Asians better in math, for the first time in 2009, Asians lead whites in READING. Unfortunately, wherever the numbers are, they will inevitably be used to promote ridiculous education "reforms" based on race / class / gender equity such as the disastrous "whole language" and "whole math" fads of the 1990s/2000s rather than insuring that everybody masters basic skills. These NEAP "advances" are even suspect because the NAEP have been aligned to promote fuzzy math and reading standards

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  • Saxon math favored by homeschoolers

    Why does everybody think only Asians are better at math?

    Surely because she’s Asian – that’s what many people would say. Perhaps it could be also that she is more used to focusing, and therefore is able to recall the mathematical principles that all the 8th graders had learned in past years, (to be forgotten quickly and decisively), and put them all together and applied properly. Perhaps her parents insist that she do her best, rather than dismiss their children's poor achievement in math by saying silly things like, "Oh, I was never that good in math,"

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  • Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    The 2010 SAT college entrance test results are in. Historically, back in the day when I went to MIT, the common wisdom was that Asians scored better in math, but were disadvantaged because of the verbal scores. The men outscored women in math, but women […]

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