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  • NAEP City 2009

    AiYah! Asian Kids Scored 2nd Place on NAEP Science!!?

    I say the NAEP does provide some interesting information, but the real progressives out there need to be able to recognize how much harm and damage can be caused by crazy standards like this just as Amy Chua realized only too late the cost of getting her girls to where she thought they should go.

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  • stanford

    Crazy Asian American Dad: College Admissions

    Here’s my 2010 update on the Crazy Asian American dad schtick, based on the classic Crazy Asian Mother by Erick Liang which is up to nearly 6 million views on Youtube. Even my African American minister preached about Asian parents pushing their kids too far. Now I’d never […]

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  • Santa Clara University Mission

    CampusQuest: Law School and Cheap Public Universities

    TOO MANY LAWYERS PRODUCED BY LAW SCHOOLS Last time I checked in the late 90s, Asian were still getting preferential admission rates at places like Stanford and the University of Washington, even though Asian are nowhere near under-represented at law schools (though they are harder […]

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  • Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    Asian Americans are #1 on the SAT

    The 2010 SAT college entrance test results are in. Historically, back in the day when I went to MIT, the common wisdom was that Asians scored better in math, but were disadvantaged because of the verbal scores. The men outscored women in math, but women […]

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