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    Fukushima Foilage: Don’t Eat The Dandelions

    [Hu’s on First | Fukushima Crisis] Here is a fun science trick you can do with some x-ray film, a dandelion, and the nuclear power plant that melted down in your backyard. This guy ex-skf translates from Japanese media and blogs : From the blog […]

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  • Diesel Tank Crossing

    Fukushima Spring Photo Tour

    [Hu’s on First | Nuclear Crisis] Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Restoration as of 06 May 2011 released by TEPCO (doc333333) Here are some still frames from this video which gives the first good tour I’ve seen of the entire site from the shore to each shattered […]

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  • Fukushima Nuclear Plant Tsunami

    TEPCO releases Fukushima Nuclear !@#$%-up Pictures

    I finally tracked down where all the TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, the guys that run the Fukushima plant that went all radioactive) pictures are put out for the press since I got tired of snapping pictures off my TV and surfing and looking at […]

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  • Video of Tsunami Crashing into Nuclear Plant

    Video of Tsunami Crashing into Nuclear Plant

    CNN showed a video released by TEPCO of the waves crashing against the nuclear power plant at Fukushima. The waves were measured at 15 meters or 45 feet BUT you can see in the picture the waves crashing against the turbine building rising up to […]

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